38D tits

38D tits are at the larger end of the D-cup spectrum. Many pornstars have fake breasts this size because of how gorgeous they look and how so many of their fans wish they could grope a pair of jumbo juggs. You'll often see dudes desperate to titty fuck a pair of 38D knockers, while the babes enjoy pressing their own naked boobies against them, too. Women with breasts these big have lots of cleavage to show off, which has resulted in many double takes, jaw droppings and collisions due to all the head turnings they cause. Even insomniacs get wet dreams when they fantasize about a pair of 38D juggs, be the big tits bound in a bra, covered in cum, or gently caressed by the lucky woman who owns them. Don't worry about drooling so much, because if need be, you can always use these 38D beach balls as floatation devices.

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